I'm involved with squid development since 2000, I've been working mainly in the autentication area and on integration with Microsoft windows authentication systems.

Besides this, I'm a general nag-person for the other developers and I'm this wiki's admin.

I'm also known by the nickname "Kinkie".

There's a playground for new features available at /LabArea. Random bits at /NotePad

I'm reachable by email at <kinkie@squid-cache.org>

Development hints and bits

  • Tokyo Cabinet

    seems to be an interesting on-disk associative-array database (a la dbm, ndbm, gdbm, qdbm), it claims to be very fast. Might it be useful to store data or metadata?

Random pointers

I'm investigating the possibility of importing IRC logs into the wiki. For pointers on how to, see

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